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  • FAQ 1
    Common question 1
    1) Cannot open cameras power supply
    Possible reasons: 1, battery not installed correctly, right into the battery. 2, the battery, please for recharging the battery.
    2) Camera suddenly turned off
    Possible reasons: 1, enable the automatic shutdown function, re-opened power supply. 2, video camera battery power exhausted and switch to a new battery.
    3) The photo not stored in memory
    In the images are stored before power outages. When the battery indicator empty (no green ShuTiao), as soon as possible to replace batteries.
    4) Image beyond the focal length
    Objects beyond the focal length range. Please focus in the available within the scope of taking pictures and choose normal or macro mode.
    5) Cannot use the memory card
    Memory card protected remove lock memory card. Memory card contain other than DCF model of cameras, formatted memory card image.
    6) all button does not function
    Connect with other device camera, short-circuited. Please put a battery removed from the camera and again load.
  • FAQ 2
    Common problem 2
    1) if filming LCD images are not clear, how to adjust focal length?
    Try switching to nearly clap mode or standard mode.
    2) when LCD display "!" Mark, the memory card on the files can't be smooth display.
    "!" Mean SD card or contained errors of low-speed content. To solve this problem is to use this machine instead of personal computers to format SD card.
  • FAQ 3
    Common problem 3
    1) why some of my indoor photographs look fuzzy dark?
    In dark/in indoor environment, this machine can prolong the time exposure photo. While taking pictures, please keep the machine (while maintaining was filmed object stable) stable for a few seconds. Filming, shutter will make noise.
    2) how to charge?
    You must use provided by the AC charger or USB cable. The machine must close. Lights flashing, says it is in charge. When the indicator light, said charging long finish. Later, lights is in 5 minutes automatic extinguished. (in AC charging mode).
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