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ODEM is zhenghexing digital technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of domestic digital brands.ODEM In the product research and development, condensing Taiwan IT light academic top technical personnel.In Taiwan, with excellent light machine, electricity, technology at the same time, we are more competitive Chinese manufacturing cost advantages. Extending to day fastens optical products of advancing design concept, develop more flexible and cost advantages of digital optical products. Enjoy Taiwan IT realm rigorous, professional processing system, products from the same CANON , NIKON ,SAMSUNG, on such big brands oems resources. During the guarantee quality at the same time, exterior design more lead the world trend, force to make our products adherence to the "world-class quality" to challenge the market.
  Address:Room 3401-3402,Block A,World Trade Square,No.9 Fuhong Road,Futian District ,Shenzhen
  Operation license Numbers:Guangdong ICP 091108091